Places to Dine in Bedford, Virginia

There are numerous great options in Bedford when it comes to dining and going out. There is wide variety of restaurants, eateries, fast food joints, and exclusive dining spots. Regardless of whether you are fan of local, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, seafood or any other cuisine – Bedford has it all. You can go out and dine by the waterside, take a lake dinner cruise, or grab a quick bite at some of the many great local diners. There are dozens of great places to go out and dine in Bedford, Virginia, and the following are some of them.

  • If you want to devour Roast Beef and Market Fresh Sandwiches – visit Arby`s Restaurant. Applebee`s Neighborhood Bar and Grill is another great option if you fancy sandwiches, burgers, soups and full service bar.
  • Bella Italia Restaurant is a great option for people that want to taste wide variety of Italian food. There is not just pizza and spaghetti, but many more top foods to taste. Ideal place for families or for going out on a casual meal.
  • Bedford Social Club is a great restaurant with elegant atmosphere. There is full bar available, gourmet foods are delicious, and there is also extensive list of exclusive wines from all over the world.
  • Beijing Restaurant, China City and China Tastes are a few great Chinese restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Chinese faire. They have dine-in and take out options, so choose something you like and enjoy great oriental food.
  • Carol`s Place is ideal place for eating breakfast on weekends. Breakfast is served all day and you have all types of foods available, including some great daily specials as well as salads, soups, burgers, meatloaf, ribs, chicken and many more.
  • Beale`s is the first brewery of Bradford. Here you can taste some delicious wood-smoked barbeque that you will love. There are also many types of craft beers on tap to taste. The flagship beer of this brewery is called Beale`s Gold, so make sure you try it.
  • Benjamin`s Restaurant is very comfortable place to visit and eat. Elegant, rustic, family-friendly restaurant where you will find great wines, craft beers and freshest local ingredients.
  • If you prefer seafood then do not miss Clam Digger`s Seafood restaurant. One of the top spots in Bedford to taste fresh seafood. Ideal for families, casual dining or going out on dates.

How to Meet People Online

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About The Historic district

Bedford has a distinct charm of a small town in America. It is an elegant place that is worth visiting, full of nice cultural and historic landmarks. Bedford was established in 1782 as town of Liberty, quickly becoming main seat of the county and main spot for production of tobacco, textile, corn, wool and rubber products. Big majority of structures in Bedford were built in the decade of late 1880s, right after the fire that devastated the city in 1884. Buildings and houses in Bedford are representatives of the Victorian era architecture. They have ornate windows, arches and attractive cornices. There are also many classical buildings in the historical district, showing off their beautiful design from the era when they were built.

Main Landmarks in the Historic District

            The entire historic district is full of nice places to see and visit. Walk around and explore some great things, while enjoying the sights of the beautiful Peaks of Otter in the behind. Centertown of Bedford is in the National Register of Historic Places in the United States and rightfully so. Check out the local City/County Museum, antique shops, or the unique Farmer`s Market.

            Every September there is a beautiful festival in the Historic District called Centerfest. Make sure you visit it to see what it is all about. Many buildings in the district have been renovated in the recent years, each and every one of them having a story to tell.

            There are two peaks rising from the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains, giving fantastic backdrop to the town of Bedford. The Flat Top and Sharp Top, along with Harkening Hill, should definitely be visited. They used to be a home of Native Americans in the old times and now they are very scenic places that must be seen. Peaks of Otter is a great place to check, offering dozens of wildflower walks, hiking trails, picnic areas, campgrounds and lodges. You can go on a guided tour to the Sharp Top or visit the amazing Johnson Farm, where you will get to taste the southern life on the mountains during the 19th century. Besides these, there are many other hidden gems just waiting to be explored.

            Bedford`s historic district is attractive for a reason and you must visit it in order to see what it is all about. You will certainly be impressed with the many great things that can be seen there.

The History of Bedford, Virginia

The town of Bedford, Virginia got its name by John Russell, who was The Fourth Duke of Bedford. The Bedford County is one of the places that grow very rapidly in Virginia and spreads on large portion of the Western-Central part of Virginia. The town of Bedford was formerly known as Town of Liberty, but it`s called Bedford ever since 1782. The town itself covers 6.80 square miles where you can find many great representatives of local architecture, restaurants and boutiques.

Bedford also has a very rich culture and history. Since 1984, Bedford is listed in the US Register of Historic Places as one of the towns with richest history. The year 1782 was the year when the town was first settled by the Europeans. Formerly known as Liberty, the place was a village up until 1839 when it became a town. In the late 1880s there was a devastating fire that destroyed much of Liberty, and during that period there was a revitalization campaign to rebuild the city. The town of Liberty was renamed to Bedford City in 1890, and after that year the city went through a period of big prosperity. The rail service, furniture manufacturing, textile and electrification all significantly improved. Many new buildings and houses were built, many of them still standing the test of time.

One very interesting thing regarding Bedford is that one of the founding fathers of USA – Thomas Jefferson has built his home in Bedford, which he used as his local retreat. Also one of the most famous historic people – Confederate`s general Robert E. Lee regularly visited Bedford as one of his favorite places.

            Town of Bedford is home to many historic landmarks that are worth visiting. The National D-Day Memorial is one of the great places to visit if you want to learn more about the details of the battles from World War II. The Avenel Plantation and Elks National Home are couple of other attractive landmarks. The Sedalia Center for the Arts, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Smith Mountain Lake, the Peaks of Otter and Thomas Jefferson`s Poplar Forest should not be missed as well. In the region of Bedford there are many old wineries, antique stores and other nice places to visit. If you want to admire great scenery, enjoy beautiful nature and visit many historic landmarks, then the Town of Bedford should be your top choice when visiting Virginia.